“FAN S. NOLI” UNIVERSITY is located in the city of Korça, in the south-eastern part of Albania. It was founded in 1971. Currently, UNIKO operates in four main units, organized in 15 departments which offer 7 associate degrees, 25 bachelor degree programs, 22 master degree programs and 1 PhD program. There are about 4500 students enrolled, 161 full-time and 131 part-time lecturers. In 2017, UNIKO was accredited for a 5-year period by the British Quality Assurance Agency. In its day-by-day activity the University aims to create, develop and transmit academic knowledge and scientific research to qualify highly prepared professionals in economy, education and human sciences and agriculture.  Its lifelong learning centers and training units offer quality trainings for specialists in education domains and a proper context of scientific research and professional practice in agriculture.

Why we are Participating in the Project

VALEU-X addresses an important national priority “Internationalization of higher education institutions”, through virtual and blended mobility, internationalization at home and internationalization strategy.
It also addresses the following issues reflected in the UNIKO Strategic Development Plan:

1.1 Improving teaching quality by engaging new methodologies (e.g., e-teaching, learning  through ICT) and encouraging academic staff qualification in developing their teaching skills.

1.2 Improving the quality of the study programmes, learning outcomes and the profiles of graduates in relation also to the needs of people and society

2.1 Supporting basic research and offer incentives for applied research able to contribute to the development of people and society.

2.2 Boosting research results at UNIKO, and in an international context

2.3 Enhancing and strengthening relations between UNIKO and the national/international labour market.

Our Role in the Project

UNIKO is currently in the process of creating a more international student body, of strengthening its international character and internationalizing its learning experience. Therefore, the benchmark report  will initially help UNIKO to measure its status-quo against an international standard and realize its capacity against a proper action plan.  UNIKO will also address the three target groups, aiming to make them more aware of the role they have in improving the academic virtual learning performance:

    • university students and graduates by providing international experience through collaborative learning with European students and boosting their interpersonal skills;
    • academic teaching staff and young researchers, through academic exchange network integration direct impact on the teaching modules and collaborative research, hands-on experience on business related case studies.
    • administrative IRO staff and policy makers, through engaging them in interactive online ICT.

Our team

Prof.Dr. Dhimitri Bello

Msc. Ardian Cerava
International Relations Office, full-time academic staff

Dr. Benita Stavre
Head of Foreign Language Department

Dr. Klajdi Qafzezi
Information and Communication Technology Specialist

Prof. dr. Ali Jashari
Member of the Academic Senate