UNIEL – University of Elbasan “AleksandërXhuvani”

The University of Elbasan “AleksandërXhuvani”, is an important higher education institution in Albania, focused in training school teachers, specialists and new researchers in economics, humans and natural sciences, informatics, and technical and medical sciences. It is offering valuable and significant contribution in the education sector for more than 40 years. University of Elbasan it is composed of 5 faculties and currently offers 39 Bachelor study programs, 34 professional master study programs, 17 master of science study programs and 2 PhD programs. This institution from 2016 is developing the internalization strategy, under the motto “Universities without boundaries”, as a premise of partnership, collaboration, integration and sustainability of higher education.

Why we are Participating in the Project

University of Elbasan, as one of the most important higher education institutions in Albania, is implementing the strategy of internalization, focused on three priorities: students, academic staff, administrative staff. This strategy implemented so far, has made possible the integration within different European projects like capacity building projects and international credit mobilities. Through this project we want to create a modern teaching environment for both incoming and outgoing teaching activities, by increase numbers of incoming and outgoing exchange students, involve international academics in local classes and enhance students and staff intercultural communication skills.

Our Role in the Project

University of Elbasan “AleksandërXhuvani”, is contributing to the project and as well benefiting from the activities. As a contributor, this university it is going to conduct needs analysis at institutional level and investigating staff qualification requirements in accordance to the project goals and also contributing to the development and implementation of pilot common courses with partner HEIs following the methodology of the project – carrying out evaluation studies and required dissemination within the institution. As a beneficiary the university it is going to have a well qualified academic and administrative staff on virtual and blending teaching and also it is going to have virtual courses, in the study programs.

Our team


Prof.dr. SkenderTopi                                Prof.assoc. Altin Idrizi
Rector of the University                          Head of Dpt of Finance
of Elsaban                                                       and Accounting


PhD. Cand Eda Cela                                     Prof.assoc. Ema Kristo
Head of Coordination and                         Vice Dean of Faculty of
International Relations Office                Human Sciences

PhD. Elona Gaxhja
Head of Dpt of Nursing