Why Valeu-x

The VALEU-X project aims to add a significant value to the teaching process in Albania by empowering academic staff with contemporary teaching competencies. It offers Albanian HEIs a chance to explore, implement, and disseminate Internationalisation at Home practices to increase their students’ and staff exposure to a European and international academic, economic, and societal context.

The VALEU-X project tackles the limited exposure of Albanian university students and academics to international experience in virtual collaborative learning. To this end, it proposes Virtual Mobility based on technology-supported blended collaborative learning activities as a flexible effective element for Internationalisation at Home.

A comprehensive capacity building Programme to facilitate intensive know-how transfer among the consortium members to address the problems of outdated instructor-cantered frontal teaching methods, limited physical academic mobility, and ineffective use of ICT in formal higher education in Albania.


The specific objectives of VALEU-X are defined as follows:

  • Qualification of academic staff at Albanian HEIs for innovative virtual teaching and learning settings .
  • Support Albanian HEIs in adopting and implementing effective ICT-based internationalisation at home activities and integrate Albanian HEIs in a global network for “Virtual Mobility”.
  • Qualification of administrative staff at Albanian HEIs on adopting and recognising Virtual/Blended Mobility as part of their institutional internationalisation strategy.

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