ISSBS – International School for Social and Business Studies

International School for Social and Business Studies (ISSBS) is a dynamic private higher education institution, located in Celje, Slovenia, delivering curricula in fields of economics and business at all three levels of study. Among the ISSBS’s prominent features are its high-quality academics and long-standing international vocation in study and research. Innovations, responsiveness, and adaptability to new trends are the specific advantages of the ISSBS. The ISSBS’ internationalization process has encouraged professors and students to be more and more involved in international exchange programmes. Institution annually implements the international scientific conference MakeLearn & TIIM, research seminars, and student research conferences, etc.

Why we are Participating in the Project

ISSBS will involve its experts from educational field to introduce and promote learner-centered teaching and learning methodologies and modernise teaching practices. It will continue to be involved in the European higher educational area by strengthening international contacts with foreign higher education institutions. Participation in the project will enable the comparison and harmonization of the knowledge level and possible learning outcomes arising from study programs between institutions. The institution also looks forward to expanding the possibilities of future application and implementation of research and development projects with partner institutions and to even further improve its skills in project governance and funding.

Our Role in the Project

ISSBS is responsible for the quality management and assurance and will develop and implement a total quality assurance strategy to measure and evaluate the project process and products and ensure timely delivery of high quality outcomes. All consortium partners will contribute to this work package with regular progress and achievement updates. ISSBS will mainly contribute to following deliverables: developing a project quality assurance strategy, conducting process and product evaluations, and reporting of quality assurance results.

Our team

Nada Trunk Širca                                        Valerij Dermol
Professor                                                         Professor

Aleš Trunk                                                        Marko Smrkolj
Professor                                                          Head of Research Office