Klodiana Leka

Klodiana Leka

Vice Dean of the Education Fac.

Marsida Ibro

Marsida Ibro

Full-time lecturer – IT Faculty

In the framework of the VALEU-X project, AMU has bought equipment that will support the virtual teaching environment: laptops, tablets, desktops, projectors and a smartboard. This equipment is used as part of the new computer laboratory for teaching purposes at the Faculty of Education and as supporting technological aspects in the VTECH & Innovation Hub in the main building at AMU. The smartboard is used for teaching purposes at the existing Multimedia computer laboratory. 

The main focus of the 2 new laboratory spaces is to help students and academic staff during the teaching and learning process. VALEU-X project has joined together academic staff from different fields of research. The main pillar of these centres is students. VTECH & Innovation HUB is a dedicated space for virtual technology experts, researchers, and new eager learners. The dedicated structure will be the centre of innovation, education & research, and business opportunities. It is more than a university unity, it is a way to link community, industry, and businesses. The hub is a designed space to support education, research, innovation, and business opportunities within the Virtual Technologies (Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) field. This space aims to create a knowledge-based community between different stakeholders to support advancements in the field and their implementation and applications in the education area.

Students and academic staff who would like to work on implementing virtual technologies (AR/VR) or related fields of expertise have the right to use the laboratory and the services the HUB offers for testing, experimenting, and other research purposes.  

Most of the equipment is used for teaching purposes, online training and virtual meeting within the activities organised in the two centres.

Globalisation and internationalisation are becoming the main focus and target for AMU, as a young university in Albania. These two centres will help to foster not only collaboration among academic staff and students but will enhance networking in the region. Within the centres, we aim to organise meetings with all the interested stakeholders and to build bridges for third party and industry involvement. Different training for students, info sessions, and open days will be organised to encourage brainstorming, new teaching mindsets and rising social awareness of new technologies.

VALEU-X project has been an inspiration to evolve new teaching methodologies especially virtually and online. Apart from the VTECH project, VALEU-X has been used to apply and implement a new project called “Integration of student self-assessment methods as part of the self-regulated online learning process” financed by the Francophone University Agency (AUF). In the future, AMU will use the lesson learned and equipment for supporting other projects and activities.

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