The second International Partners Day was held online on January 21, 2022, and themed “Working as an Academic during the Pandemic’by the organizing committee of the Foreign Languages Centre at the University of Gdańsk, Poland. During the event the VCL concept and VALEU-X project (International perspective) have been presented by Prof. Dr. Ralph Sonntag (University of Applied Sciences Dresden) and Mattis Altmann (Technical University Dresden).

The event focused on the pandemic experience in teaching and learning foreign languages. Along with the interesting presentations delivered by experts in the field, shared lessons about online teaching, challenges, solutions, and methodology changes were also discussed. 

In this framework, Prof. Dr. Ralph Sonntag and Mattis Altmann introduced the VCL concept and VALEU-X project in their presentation This Is How Teaching Works Today – 2 Universities, 1 Joint Virtual Module”.

The first part of the presentation tackled the impact of COVID-19 on teaching and learning and how the Virtual Collaborative Learning (VCL) approach worked as an alternative to face-to-face learning. The second part of the presentation introduced the VALEU-X project from an international perspective.

The speakers concluded their presentation by giving a set of recommendations to ensure proper implementation of the VCL framework and equal participation and motivation of all stakeholders.