As part of the VALEU-X project activities, EPOKA University has recently implemented the Virtual Collaborative Learning (VCl) course content during the fall semester of 2021-2022. 

The VCL implementation took place for 6 weeks, from December 2021 to February 2022, and witnessed the participation of a total of 93 students and the engagement of 5 E-Tutors and a lecturer.

During the 6 weeks of the course activities, students had the chance to be introduced to virtual collaborative teamwork; were closely mentored and monitored for each section of the business plan on a weekly basis. Different tasks, quizzes, online working tools, and virtual illustrations were used to enhance the comprehension of the main concepts.

The VCL project’s outcomes were building a business plan for a Social Business Idea to have a social impact alongside the economic profit, systematic work, virtual team working skills, enhancing digital literacy, remote working, and interactivity among others. 

More details about course can be read on the full article on Epoka University website here: LINK