Today 21st May 2021, the VALEU-X project is presented at the MakeLearn and TIIM International Scientific Conference organised, among others, by the International School for Social and Business Studies, Slovenian partner of the VALEUX- project.

MakeLearn & TIIM Conference encourages the sharing of most recent developments in the fields of management, economics, technology, and education. By including experiences and young academics and practitioners from all continents, it also encourages discussion and the exchange of knowledge between academia and businesses (formal sessions and social events) and offers a variety of publishing opportunities.

The conference takes place in May, each year in a different European country or online. This year’s focus is on digitalisation and human relations in business and education due to COVID-19 pandemics.

In the framework of the conference, dissemination opportunities are offered with presentation of projects and activities at universities. The VALEU-X consortium is eager to seize this opportunity to promote and disseminate our project’s developments and results. Have a look here below at the VALEU-X presentation @MakeLearn &TIIM2021 by Mattis Altmann, project manager at the Technische Universität Dresden (TUD).