Students from VALEU-X partner universities talk about their journey with the VALEU-X project, what they have learned, and how was their experience in general.

Being very active during the whole program, Sara Zguri from the Universiteti ‘Fan S. Noli’​ Korçë talked about her experience with the VALEU-X project with passion, knowing already how it benefited her on both personal and career-wise levels: “The whole experience with VALEU-X was very helpful and beneficial. Personally, I’m convinced that it will help me with my future career in Translation studies and it also helped me with my collaborative and Leadership skills. I believe that projects like this are really helpful for creating common spaces for young people to show their potential and be able to use their skills properly.”

Committed to the project and willing to take full advantage of it, both Irida Zmijani and Britni Gera from the University Shkodra “Luigj Gurakuqi, expressed their experience with VALEU-X enthusiastically.

“This project has exceeded my expectations, and so I had a remarkable experience. It helped me to overcome limited physical academic mobility, provided me with an international experience at my home university, and one added value would be that it increased my exposure to European and international academic context.” said Irida Zmijani.

While Britni Gera returning back to her journey in the project noted that: “I personally benefited from this project by gaining patience, compassion, creativity, persistence, and gratitude, which I think are values that will be added to my future career. […] My overall experience was positive considering the research engagement, collaborative learning, and uses of technology.”

Reflecting on his experience with VALEU-X, Klejdi Muca from the European University of Tirana, expressed his joy in being part of this project: “I had a great time being part of this project. The thing I enjoyed the most was our meetings when we discussed with each other. This project developed in me something new, that is remote working, and for me, that is the future of working.”