EPOKA University

EPOKA University is an international higher education institution located in Tirana, Albania. It comprises three faculties: The Faculty of Architecture and Engineering; the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences; the Faculty of Law and Social Sciences. EPOKA University offers education in three study cycles, respectively Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD with English as the official language of instruction. All institutional strategies of EPOKA University are built on the “Education, Research and Contribution to Society” triangle. To promote further R&D, as well as contribution to society, EPOKA University has signed several cooperation agreements with international and national institutions. In the context of internationalization, EPOKA University is very active in conducting student and staff exchange programs with foreign universities. Furthermore, EPOKA University is currently partnering for several projects in the framework of Erasmus+ CBHE and Horizon 2020 projects.

Why we are Participating in the Project

EPOKA University is part of VALEU-X project as it believes in the need for further innovative approaches to modernize teaching and learning practices and introduce new technology-enhanced international perspectives in the teaching and learning process to the established academic programmes, thus increase the exposure of students and academics to international experience. In this way it will further increase capacities in internationalization for academic and administrative staff and integrate academics and students with European peers for common teaching and research activities.

EPOKA University aims to setup a VCL Room as an interactive virtual learning space, where VCL based classes will be held providing to our students an international experience at their home university by developing and delivering technology-enhanced problem-based learning course materials in the virtual classroom and eventually will address the limited physical academic mobility between Albanian and EU HEIs.

Our Role in the Project

EPOKA University is an active member of the consortium that contributes to the successful implementation of the project. It provides both qualified staff and facilities for the successful implementation and monitoring of the project activities of each work-package, hosting and facilitating dissemination events, quality assessment, project networking and visibility, financial management and proper reporting.

EPOKA University will implement modules for virtual learning by adopting some of the existing course syllabuses suitable for the project, aiming to give credits to case studies and other activities to be conducted through virtual collaborative learning. On the other hand, it will motivate students to be part of the virtual lectures and thus enhance their interaction with other local students and students from the EU partner universities.

Our team


Esmir Demaj, PhD
Head of Research and Projects Office, Lecturer, Project Coordinator


 Prof. Dr. Teoman Duman                Nertil Mera, PhD
Lecturer, Project Associate            Lecturer, Project Associate