On October 15, 16 and 17, 2020, it was celebrated the 4th edition of the Erasmus Days, an initiative launched by the French National Agency on the 30th anniversary of Erasmus+. #ErasmusDays meant three days of celebration of the Erasmus+ Programme in Europe and beyond as a unique opportunity to organize an event, share an experience or spread the word about a project.

On that occasion, the VALEU-X consortium organised an online event on October 16th to discuss the importance of Virtual Collaborative Learning, and how its underpinning pedagogy can support the transition from emergency online teaching to sustainable forms of internationalisation at home.

This online event introduced the project aims and activities and launched the report publication “Needs assessment report on Virtual Collaborative teaching and learning in Albania”, and it offered hands-on training on Virtual Mobility, distance teaching & VCL  as a prequel to activity D2.3 (Staff Observation Visit). The contents of the prequel are relevant for the observation and training visits which will be organised and hosted by participating European and Albanian partners once travel restrictions are over. Within the activity D2.3, Albanian teaching staff will be invited to visit participating European partners and observe the teaching practices and technology implementation at their institution. They will get experience how authentic didactical case-studies and effective problem-based learning to be solved in an ICT-based collaborative learning environment and foster critical thinking and teamwork among their students.


If you have missed the events or you want to watch the sessions again, you can find the recordings here below:

Morning session                                           Hands-on VCL

Moreover, the VALEU-X partners organised institutional events at their own institutions and got the chance to present the VALEU-X project with the aim to shape an impact story of the project:

  • The European University of Tirana delivered a session to learn more about the Erasmus+ programme, exchange views about European values and its EU funded projects, such as VALEU-X

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  • The EPOKA University, Esmir Demajelaborated on the objectives of VALEU-X and the role EPOKA University has in this project,  “Virtual Albanian European Universities Exchange”

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  • The “Fan S. Noli” University organised a round table as a follow-up activity of the need assessment report that was designed in the frame of the VALEU-X Erasmus+ project

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  • The University of Elsaban offered a thorough knowledge of the implementation of Erasmus+ programme at the University, including the VALEU-X project

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