Msc. Ardian Cerava

Msc. Ardian Cerava

International Relations Office, full-time academic staf

Virtual Learning Center is situated in the premises of the Rectorate building of “Fan S. Noli” University, with the aim to be available to all academic staff and students in need of development of VCL classes. It is on the second floor next to other teaching premises and also close to the offices of the Project management, IRO and Lifelong learning, in order to also be available to any other needs related to the international/national online communication of these sectors. 

The aims of the VCL Center are to provide up-to-date equipment in order to:

  • Enable online learning classes for joint programmes, or blended curriculum, envisaged to enlarge the academic offer of the university in a near future;
  • Support any attempts of virtual mobilities for academic staff, who offer classes in other higher education institutions;
  • Provide audio and visual facilities for online trainings/workshops, conferences, ect. for the academic staff or students.
  • Create convenient and easy online communication meetings with partner universities/sectors via online platforms for the administrative staff.

At the moment the VCL Center is equipped with the following devices: 

– Desktop PC (x20)                           – Laptops (x3)                         – Audio system (x1)

– Video-conference system  (x1)       – Printer / Photocopy machine       – Video Camera (x1)

The equipment has been purchased with the aim to provide up-to-date VCL infrastructure for teachers and students, participating in online learning/mobilities. In the course of the VALUE-X project so far it has been useful in the organization of:

  • Online coordination meetings;
  • Training and workshops of the E-Tutors; 
  • Trainings and meetings among Job shadowing participants;
  • Online participation of the academic staff in the Expert Forum 2. 

It has also been very useful as a communication tool in similar activities organized by other international projects as a form of synergy between them. It has also been made available to coordination meetings between the UNIKO authorities and their counterparts in partner universities, in the internationalization efforts of UNIKO. 

The VCL Center has served as a training place of the ICT staff of the UNIKO, in charge of the maintenance and availability of the equipment and online learning platforms. 

UNIKO has 147 full-time academic staff and approximately 4 000 students. The VCL Center will provide its equipment, qualification and facilities to them, depending on the forthcoming interest of each of these categories. Actually, it has been used by six E-tutor students, twenty administrative staff and team-staff of the other projects, two ICT staff and two academic staff (designing the VCL Courses). In the course of the next eight months, besides the above, it will be available to sixty-five UNIKO students for the attendance of the pilot local and international VCL

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