Mimoza Priku

Mimoza Priku

Prof. of Albanian Language

The Laboratory is located in a dedicated room in the building of the Faculty of Social Sciences. The main goal is to successfully implement the local VCL, two modules at the Bachelor level within the project, but also to carry out further activities in the field of virtual teaching. During the second semester, it is available for the students that are part of the international VCL.

The equipment can be used by professors, students and technical staff, as long as they contact the person in charge. It is used to help the realization of two modules included in the VALEU-X Project: “Basic Botany” and “Psychology of language (Psycholinguistic)” in addition to other modules outside of this project. Initially the Lab will be used by about 30 students involved in the project and 2 professors of two modules included in this project, but the laboratory has turned into a support for modules outside the project, with about 40 other students and 4 other professors.

The installation of the equipment was done by the technical staff of the Faculty of Social Sciences and that of the University. Even if there were any difficulties in using of the equipment, the technical staff of the faculty always has assisted.

One of the main goals of higher education is internationalisation and this laboratory will assist in the future in the activity that will be organized by our university. It is definitely a good basis for the realization of other projects that are especially based on technology.

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