The project Valeu-X was presented by Nada Trunk Širca at the 2020 PIC International Online Conference, which was held on the 23–24 October 2020.
The online conference, entitled “Online Education without Social Distance: Challenges for Internationalisation and Culture of Peace” was organised by Pegaso international Malta.
The co-authors Aleš Trunk, Špela Dermol, Ornela Vladi, Nada Trunk Širca, and Agim Kasaj  prepared a paper on The Role of Albanian Higher Educational Institutions for Successful Integration in the European Union. Have a look at the Conference Proceedings.
Prof. Eric Schoop, the leader of the Valeu-X project was a panelist in the session “Online Education to Strengthen Internationalisation”, where he presented the virtual collaborative learning approach which is implemented in the Valeu-x project for the Albanian universities.
The project was presented also during the Projects presentation session and the logo was published in the Proceedings (p 75).
You can find more info and the video recordings of all panels and sessions here.
The PIConf was promoted on TV Malta news as well. Have a look here!