On March 16th from 10am to 12pm, the VALEU-X project will be presented during the webinar “Implementing Virtual Collaborative Learning (VCL) as an affordable inclusive Virtual Mobility instrument to overcome the social distance challenge”.

The webinar is organized within the Capacity Building series of webinars by the MED2IaH project (MEDiterranean countries: Towards Internationalisation at Home), designed to have an impact at system level and trigger reform processes at national level in Mediterranean Partner Countries.

As Digital Transformation increasingly won importance in the last decade, already before COVID-19 pandemic, Higher Education Institutions had to develop and adopt digital strategies to cope with pedagogical and technological advancements and offer their students and staff engaging technology-enhanced teaching and learning experiences that resonate with their daily life and future career.

However, the recent global crisis enforced most institutions to immediately compensate suspended on-site teaching with online learning activities and faced them with the significant challenge of maintaining the social dimension of the educational process.

In this session, our partners from Technische Universität Dresden, Prof. Eric Schoop, Wissam Tawileh and Mattis Altmann, will present the concept of Virtual Collaborative Learning (VCL) as a proven best practice to include students and educators in an immersive virtual learning environment enabling geographically independent project-based social learning scenarios.

Have a look at the agenda and register here to find out more on VCL as an effective instrument for instant modernization and affordable internationalization of Higher Education Institutions.