Reflections from the E-Tutors Qualification Workshops 25 June 2021

After having kicked-off on April 23rd, 2021, the VALEU-X E-Tutors Qualification series of Workshops were successfully completed on June 25th, 2021. 

Organised by TU Dresden, the 4 workshops aimed at training and qualifying Albanian students to become E-Tutors and virtual community managers with a deep understanding of the dynamics and facilitation of technology-mediated teamwork for effective virtual collaboration in communities of inquiry (students) and communities of practice (professionals). The different workshop meetings had the objective to also qualify the target group to master modern qualifications on technology-enhanced learning and working, grant them technology, media, management, and leadership competencies they need for study and professional success in the globalized economy.

The final event, which took place virtually on June 25th, 2021, served as a platform for highlighting contributions, taking stock of achievements, evaluating all workshops, and sharing reflections, insights, and feedback from the students about their learning journey.

A short excerpt of the participants’ reflections on their learning experience within the E-Tutors Qualification Workshops can be watched below:


The students shared their satisfaction with the workshops, and expressed many positive feedbacks, on the learning process and quality, in terms of organisation, and material provided. They commented on how smooth the process was, they expressed their appreciation from the staff for their support, prompt answering, when facing difficulties, and they shared their valuable takeaways from this e-qualification journey. Most importantly, they confirmed that they enjoyed and appreciated this experience, that they, indeed, have learned many new things, and they are now more confident and ready to share the new knowledge acquired and facilitate the upcoming Virtual Collaborative Learning course planned for the winter semester.

The winter semester is foreseen to represent the second workshop, as a Winter School, and planned to be on-site at the end of November, beginning of December 2021, in Dresden, Germany.

While in the actual workshop the students learned about the basics of E-Tutoring, the winter school is aiming at promoting and enhancing the international perspective and capability of E-Tutorial support to make the E-Tutors ready for international Virtual Mobility Arrangements. Thus, the VALEU-X team is looking forward to the event with grand enthusiasm. Knowing for fact, that this occasion will be a chance to actively engage with all the students and to further endorse and exchange effective skills.

Link to Youtube video: