Following the international pilot VCL, VALEU-X project E-Tutors were interviewed by Matti Wolff, TU Dresden, to share their thoughts after the VCL (Virtual Collaborative Learning) course content and activities were implemented.

The E-Tutors shared their testimonials, answering questions about their experience as E-Tutors in an international VCL, what they‘ve learned, and their personal and educational wins through their participation in the VALEU-X project.

In these videos, six E-Tutors shared their impressions:

“This experience was very great for me it was a new experience that I have never faced in my life working with other people from other countries and also E- tutoring people, not from Albania.”

Rei Shabani

“As a qualified E-tutor I think I have learned many quality qualifications in the aspect of teaching, I have participated in a summer school for high school students and I have been teaching well, (…) I can see that I have been teaching better.”

Halit Yildrim

“For me, it was more enjoyable because it was followed by training we did in Dresden, I really enjoyed it, it showed me about the cultural inter-exchange and it was really nice to work with foreign students.”

Enejda Doko

“This experience was great! It helped me a lot not only in improving my English or networking and knowing new people but also improving other skills like being more good at deadlines, knowing programs like mural, understanding better Microsoft teams, and also understanding better the process of doing a project.”

-Erisa Haxhiu

“It was such a great experience. I improved my skills, for example in Microsoft’s programs I was not used to using them a lot and now I use them all the time, I met a lot of new friends, new pedagogues new people and it helped me so much with communication.”

-Suada Brahimi

“ I enjoyed it a lot it was really organized everything was organized. I enjoyed it maximum, I strongly recommend EPOKA to suggest or implement this kind of experience or this activity Learning next year. If I would have the chance I would still contribute next year at my University even as a volunteer.”

-Kejsi Sulaj


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You can know more about the Virtual Collaborative Learning (VCL) course activities implementation details at EPOKA University website: Virtual Collaborative Learning (VCL) course activities successfully implemented at EPOKA University in the framework of VALEU-X Project