On October 21 and 22, 2022 the VALEU-X project was presented during the annual online PIConf Conference. This year the PICponf focused on “Inclusive sustainability in Africa-Europe through dialogue and technology”.

The 2022 PIC International Online Conference, is an annual event that aims to encourage discussion about topics related to Inclusive Society, Sustainable Development, Intercultural Dialogue, Higher Education, and Digitalisation. It challenges the topics of multicultural societies also from the aspects of economy and coexistence, especially in the EuroMed region. The rationale for the conference is based on the assumption that information technology, intercultural dialogue, and sustainable development are important factors of higher education, as well as economic prosperity.

During the second day of the conference (22 October 2022) in the course of the sessions on international project Dissemination and Networking Opportunities, Dr. Mattis Altmann, Technical University of Dresden, Germany, presented the VALEU-X project at the “Panel Discussion: Education – Bringing Together People also through Virtual Collaborative Learning”.

Dr. Altman gave out an overview of the lifetime of the VALEU-X project and gave a detailed presentation entitled: VALEU-X project and beyond, which tackled the different aspects of the project, such as the VCL, the achievements of the project since 2020, the VCL winning team, and paved the way to give an outlook of 2022 passed and future events, including the upcoming Virtual Balkans Conference at the Epoka university on November 30, 2022.

You can find more info and watch the video recordings of all panels and sessions here.

This is the second time where the VALEU-X project was presented at the PIConf. The previous contribution was during PIConf 2020 “Online Education without Social Distance: Challenges for Internationalisation and Culture of Peace”.