On October 22-23, 2021, the 16th International Symposium in Management (SIM) was held to bring together academics, professionals, and students in order to discuss issues of management and entrepreneurship with focus on the latest developments and innovations in the field.

Trunk Aleš, Valerij Dermol, Nada Trunk Širca and Mattis Altmann, from the consortium, presented the session “Modernization of HE Through Collaborative Online Teaching and Learning: The Case of Albania and Jordan” to put special attention to the collaborative virtual learning environment as a methodology that importantly promotes the development of transversal skills such as communication, intercultural competencies, and problem-solving.

Promoting quality implementation of online education is undoubtedly one of the critical aspects of the modernization of higher education.  Collaborative online learning is focused on collaboration between students, and the emphasis is on interactions.

Albania has generally limited exposure of university students and academics in international mobility and virtual collaborative learning. The main objectives of the VALEU-X project is thus the promotion of virtual mobility as an additional possibility of mobility, training teachers on the concept of internationally-focused online teaching and learning, and online teaching in general, the introduction of online collaborative teaching and learning into courses (on the national or international level), training of tutors as assistants in the process of online teaching and learning and as a valuable interface between the learners and teachers.  A particular focus is on e-tutors as a strong example of good practice in collaborative virtual learning.

For further resources, you can have a look at the “Needs assessment report on Virtual Collaborative Teaching and Learning in Albania” available at https://valeu-x.eu/results/needs-assessment-report/