The E-Tutors Qualification Training developed by the VALEU-X project was delivered online on April 23-25 June 2021. During the online workshops, Albanian students learned about the basics of E-Tutoring. The students from Epoka University, project partner, shared video testimonials to tell their experiences.

E-Tutor Kejsi Sulaj, Epoka University
Thank you for making me part in this valuable programme!

Through this project I’ve gained knowledge and information regarding the ways and the tools that are used to increase the interactivity for class. (…) In the end I can say that the value that I have taken from this project into my learning experience, is irreplaceable.

E-Tutor Halit Yildirim, Epoka University
The training exceeded my expectations!

By the end of the training I noticed that the things we were learning were already being implemented on us. I can say that even in our daily lives sometimes we use something similar. I can say that through this program I have learned how to be a better teacher, but I have also learned how to be a better learner

E-Tutor Enejda Doko, Epoka University

In this online event we understood the importance of implementing innovative virtual teaching and learning settings and the role of e-tutors as key contact people for project participants. VALEU-X not only taught me about VCL as a fruitful method in the field of academia but motivated me to master my skills of group work and collaborating in  a virtual environment.

E-Tutor Rei Shabani, Epoka University
VALEU-X was the most beautiful experience I ever had!

The combination of the theory and real life application is the best way and most efficient way to learn what is an E-Tutor. Promoting collaboration is also a crucial thing! The VALEU-X program will help me a lot in the future in order to apply all the skills learned in real life.

E-Tutor Griselda Alushllari, Epoka University
After I learned a bit about the project, I thought it would be innovative and challenging at the same time!

I can confidently say that I have learned and adopted lots of new skills and have also expanded my networks. We as E-Tutors had the amazing opportunity to be part of the VALEU-X conference that was held in Albania.

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